Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arizona Going-Away Party Cake

A friend of a friend of my sister-in-law (how's that for relation? haha) contacted me in the hopes of getting a large cake for her going-away party as she and her family prepare to move to Arizona. She didn't have any major specifications other than she wanted a square cake large enough to feed 70 and she really loved the idea of a 4-layer cake with different colored cake for each layer. Oh, and she had a unique request for the written sentiment, but more on that later. The rest of the cake design was up to me!

Having never done a going-away cake before, I played up the idea of Arizona and instantly thought of an Arizona desert sunset. Since she wanted different colored cake on the inside, I thought I'd do a gradation of sunset colors you would see in the desert sky. I had fun and am very happy with how things turned out!

 Melissa's giggle-worthy request was to have "Later Bitches" written on the top of the cake. Hey, she's payin' for it! I'll do whatever! So, I stretched my creativity and replaced the t's with cacti! =)
I wasn't there when the cake was cut, but Melissa sent me pictures of the inside of the cake. I was happy to see the finished product!

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